American Gem Society

Gemology, the study of gems, is recognized today as a specialized and legitimate discipline. Over time, diligent scientific research has provided numerous advances and sophisticated technologies. Many gemological breakthroughs have been prompted by problems arising from uninformed or unethical business practices.

Protecting consumers from such practices is a cornerstone of the AGS mission, and a primary reason why the Society sets high standards of education and ethics for its members.

For decades, the AGS has played a prominent role in creating industry standards and promoting laws and regulations that protect the jewelry buying public. To reinforce this effort, the AGS requires members to comply with the most stringent criteria for ethical business practices – the ultimate in consumer protection.

The Importance of Knowledgeable Service

American Gem SocietyMembers of the American Gem Society are dedicated to providing the most knowledgeable service to their customers. Upon successful completion of prerequisite gemological training and coursework offered by the Society, members are awarded titles that designate their level of knowledge and expertise.

To maintain the educational standards of the membership, the Society requires its titleholders to re-ascertain their gemological knowledge by passing an annual re-certification examination. AGS titles are a consumer’s guarantee that they are doing business with a knowledgeable and ethical businessperson.
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