14KT Gold Cross Jewelry

Gold Crosses: Very Traditional Gift

Gold CrossesThe crosses are 14kt and can either be white gold or yellow gold. Some of them are hollow and some of them are solid, that's how they are produced. Although the 14kt gold cross is more of a traditional gift, we also carry the more trendy stainless steel crosses. Most of them are available in a multitude of different sizes. Larger ones are available in smaller and visa versa.

Gold CrossesWe can offer you a Celtic Cross, an Orthodox Cross and even the Jerusalem Cross with four equal arms. The Jerusalem Cross is actually similar to the St. Bridget's Cross, and often times they are confused for one another. The Malteses Cross is available although we don't often have one available in out store since it's more of a special order item for Southampton, PA.

Some crosses have pearls, some have rubies, some have sapphires and even diamonds. Crosses with diamonds are actually a very traditional type of gift. The gold cross pendants we typically stock are very traditional in that time and time again, generation after generation, grandparents select them as gifts to their grandchildren.

Gold CrossesTraditional aside, the design of cross jewelry vary greatly. We see many stylistic crosses with flair and color gemstones, and we can show examples of them upon request. There is an entire line of crosses made out of jade. Similar to the Malteses Cross, because of the low popularity of the Jade Cross in Bucks County, PA, we usually do not stock any. But if you are interested in a Jade Cross just contact us through our online form and we will post details and options.

Delivery on most of our crosses is 5 to 7 days. Most crosses do not come with a chain, those that do are indicated as "necklace included."

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