TanzaniteTanzanite was introduced to the world in 1969. This fascinating jewel is a welcome addition, heralded as a debutante in the society of colored gemstones. It is only found within a five-square mile area in the hills of Merelane, in Tanzania, Africa. Colors range from blue to violet to purple, but it is the intensely deep blue providing a hint of violet that is most highly coveted. Tanzanite is a relatively soft gem and although it is available in a variety of shapes, it is best suited to cuts of round, oval and cushion

When caring for your tanzanite fine jewelry, avoid wear during exercise, gardening, housework or any other activity that might cause scratches or chipping. Do not clean you tanzanite in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or expose it to extreme hot and/or cold temperatures.

Stop by and see why tanzanite currently holds the number two position popularity, only behind sapphire!

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