Popular Pearl Choices

Popular Pearl Choices & Building a Pearl Wardrobe

  • The most popular types of pearl strands purchased today, according to a Jewelers Circular Keystone magazine survey, are the Princess at 17" to 19", the Matinee at 20" to 24", and the Choker at a neck-hugging 14" to 16". The top three popular pearl sizes are first, the 3mm-6mm, second, 7mm-8mm, and third, 9mm-10mm.
  • To build a pearl wardrobe, start with a necklace of matched pearls and add a pair of pearl studs for everyday wear. For added drama, consider a pair of pearl cluster earrings, earrings with pearls and diamonds, or pearl drop earrings. If you tend to wear business suits at work, a pearl pin can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Pearl rings are the next logical choice to complete your wardrobe. Of course, there are other wonderful contemporary choices, such as pearl and gold-link necklaces, multi-strand pearl necklaces, and pearl bracelets. Once you have the basics, it's always fun to add more.

It is better to wear your pearls often than it is to store them in a dry place like a safety deposit box where they can lose their luster. So don't lock them away. Wear your pearls and enjoy them! Just bring them in periodically for restringing.

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