Pearl Particulars - A Quiz

A Quick Quiz for Pearl Lovers

1. What is a Keshi Pearl?
a. A small, natural pearl formed without a nucleus
b. Pearls from Keshi, Japan
c. A pearl cultured in river water
d. Any out-of-round pearl

2. What is the Biwa pearl?
a. Saltwater pearls from Indonesia
b. Lustrous freshwater pearls from Lake Biwa in Japan
c. Any odd-shaped freshwater pearl
d. Natural pearls from the Orient

3. How often should pearls be restrung?
a. Yearly
b. Twice a year
c. At least every 5 years
d. Biweekly (because we like to see you so much)

5. Which of these qualities is true of pearl?
a. Natural and organic gem
b. Versatile
c. Never go out of style
d. Soft, not flashy or gaudy

Answers to Pearl Quiz: 1. a. Keshi pearls are the natural by-product of cultured pearls. These tiny pearls are usually formed by the accidental intrusion of sand or shell into the soft tissue of most cultured pearl-bearing oysters and mollusks. 2. b., 3. a. Standard advice is to string your pearls once a year. The time frame however, is less important than checking your pearls periodically for looseness and stringing when spacing on the silk strand is visible. 4. Rosé coloredp earls are considered the most desirable and look best on fair skin. Cream-coloredp earls look best on olive skin. Most skin colors look well with black and silver pearls. 5. a, b, c & d.

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