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The October Birthstone is Opal

As the leaves begin their color transformation this month, it is the perfect time to wear opal jewelry. October's birthstone is opal and opal’s unique beauty, its play of colors complement this colorful season. Opals display flashes of several stunning colors due to its internal structure.

Each opal consists of minute spheres of silica. The “play of colors” is created when light bends around the spheres and is diffracted. Different components create different color combinations. Tiny bubbles of gas create an appearance of pearl-white to some opals. Iron oxides create amazing yellows and reds. Organic carbon creates some of the most valuable opals, with the breathtaking color combination of black with flashes of red, blue, and green.

Maximizing this unique beauty means that jewelers can only use thin slices of opal when creating opal jewelry such as opal rings and opal pendants. There are two major ways to create this jewelry: the opal doublet and the triple-cut opal.
Opal doublets are created by positioning a thin slice of opal onto a dark mineral like obsidian. The opal is then completely visible and able to be touched.

Triplet-cut opals are created by placing the opal onto a dark mineral and sealed with a clear dome of either plastic or quartz. This dome help protects the opal but makes it unable to be touched.

The play of colors within October’s birthstone, opal, can easily be yours by stopping in our store and taking a look at our collection. Whether you prefer the opal double or triple-cut opal, and wish to wear this gem’s magnificent play of color as a pendant, ring, or necklace, our helpful and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the opal and setting that is just right for you.

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