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Topaz: November's Birthstone

Topaz: Novembers Birthstone
Lemon Topaz Pendant
The word topaz has its roots in several words. It is related to the Sanskrit word “tapas” which means “heat” or “fire,” and from the Hebrew word for the orange fruit. This is understandable considering topaz's most common range in color is yellow to orange. The word is also derived from Topazus, the island in the Red Sea (now known as St. John's Island) where the Greeks first discovered the gem. Topaz's colors and categories are just as varied as its name origins.

Before describing its brilliant colors, it should be said that these colors are created by impurities in the stone. Pure topaz is actually colorless.

Precious topaz, in the brilliant orange which gave it the same name as heat and fire, is the traditional color for the November birthstone. The gem has always been associated with special healing powers, granting the wearer everything from physical strength to a balanced mind.

Imperial topaz derives its name from the 18th and 19th century Russian Czarinas who preferred this type of topaz for their topaz pendants and topaz rings. Imperial topaz can range from golden to orange and pink. Pink imperial topaz was the most sought after as it was (and still is) the rarest when it occurs naturally.

Mystic Topaz does not occur naturally. Mystic topaz pendants and rings are created by attaching a layer of titanium to the bottom of pure topaz. The titanium helps create a brilliant rainbow of iridescent colors when the stone is passed through the light.

Whichever type of topaz interests you, this November we can help you obtain the topaz jewelry that fits you perfectly.

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