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November’s Birthstone is Also Citrine

November’s Birthstone is Also Citrine
Citrine Ring
Citrine, November’s birthstone along with topaz, is found in colors that can range from cheerful and bright yellow to rich and majestic orange to deep and powerful red. Citrine’s name comes from citron, the French word meaning “lemon.” Considering its range of colors, this stone is aptly named.

Citrine and yellow topaz appear almost identical and, until recently, citrine has sometimes been mistaken for topaz. One difference is their hardness; while topaz hardness is 8, citrine’s is only 7.

Although citrine is rare when it occurs naturally, citrine can now be created. Because of this, more citrine is available and can be considerably less in cost than topaz for budget minded wearers.
Citrine’s beauty has fascinated people for centuries. Citrine jewelry was worn by the Ancient Romans. Greta Garbo, along with many other actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age, sought out citrine pendants and citrine rings to enhance their own beauty and fashion when walking the red carpet.

With citrine’s gorgeous and uplifting shades of yellow, orange, and red, it’s no wonder citrine has remained popular for thousands of years. Consider adding citrine’s beauty to your own jewelry collection this November.

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