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Amethyst: The Birthstone for February

Amethyst: The Birthstone for February
Amethyst Earrings
Amethyst, a kind of quartz, appears in a range of purples as its primary hue, from a light violet to a rich and regal purple. Red and blue may occur as secondary hues. The combination of the three, caused by iron impurities, creates amethyst's signature luxurious purple hues.

The largest producer of amethyst is Brazil. This beautiful stone is also mined in Russia and a few states across the U.S.

Traditionally, amethyst has been thought to have the power of keeping its wearer level-headed. Ancient Greeks and Romans drank from goblets carved from amethyst, believing the wine from these goblets could not intoxicate the drinker.

Amethysts were used not only to protect from natural intoxication, but supernatural as well. Cardinals and bishops wore amethyst rings and amethyst necklaces because they believed the amethysts protected them from mystical intoxication.

We have a gorgeous collection of amethyst jewelry. Come in to our shop and see for yourself why this gorgeous and regal stone has been treasured for thousands of years.

Amethyst Jewelry Showcase

Amethyst Ring
Amethyst: The Birthstone for February  Amethyst-Ring-6

Amethyst Pendant
Amethyst: The Birthstone for February  Amethyst-Pendant-16

Pink Amethyst Earrings
Amethyst: The Birthstone for February  Pink-Amethyst-Earrings-27

Pink Amethyst Pendant
Amethyst: The Birthstone for February  Pink-Amethyst-Pendant-71

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