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Aquamarine is one of March’s Birthstone

Aquamarine’s name comes from a Latin expression meaning “water of the sea.” Considering the stone’s hues which remind one of the open seas and can range from a light blue or light green to a dark green-blue, this name is fitting.

Aquamarine has been treasured for various reasons over the past three thousand years. Ancient Romans believed aquamarine ensured a safe trip for the traveler. Therefore, sailors often received aquamarine pendants as gifts before embarking on a sea voyage. By the Middle Ages, aquamarine was thought to possess mystical powers. Aquamarine rings and necklaces were worn by married couples in an effort to reinvigorate their relationship. The stone was also used to create crystal balls for fortune tellers; an aquamarine crystal ball was even used to predict the best date for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

Today, aquamarine is one of March’s birthstones. Aquamarine jewelry can be given to anyone with a birthday in March or any expectant mother with a projected March due date. Aquamarine ranges in hue from a crisp and clean light blue or light green to gorgeous full hues of blue-green and green-blue. No matter the intensity of the hue, or the birthday date, aquamarine jewelry is perfect for that special someone at any time.

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