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Jasper: An Alternative Birthstone for March

Jasper: An Alternative Birthstone for March
14KY Red Jasper Hoops
Along with aquamarine, jasper is one of March's birthstones. Jasper is a type of quartz which can appear in a variety of colors. Its signature is the stone's impurities, which create unique effects such as marbling, veining, rings, and streaks. In fact, the name jasper is taken from the Greek meaning “striped stone.”

Jasper mainly occurs as red; brown and yellow jasper is common as well. Its impurities, which can amount to almost a fifth of the stone, are created by whatever is in the environment when the jasper is formed; the most common impurity is iron oxide. Jasper is mined in many places around the world; the largest deposits can be found in Australia and Brazil.

Jasper, just as with aquamarine, is an alternative March birthstone, and jasper jewelry is appropriate for anyone with a March birthday or a mother expecting in March. This unique stone, however, showcased in everything from jasper rings to jasper pendants, can make the perfect gift for anyone in your circles with a strong sense of individuality.

Sterling Silver Red Jasper Hoops
Jasper: An Alternative Birthstone for March

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