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April's Birthstone: The Diamond

Aprils Birthstone: The Diamond
Anniversary Ring with 3 Princess Cut Diamonds
While we associate diamonds mainly with marriage, the diamond is also the official birthstone for April. Although the diamond's name is from the Greek “adamus” which means “invincible,” the diamond can actually be traced back to Ancient India.

Diamonds were found rough, and while we think of diamonds as only clear, they actually appear naturally in a range of colors. At this time India was divided into different social classes, or castes. One way to determine someone's caste was to ascertain which color diamond he wore. For example, the priests, the highest caste, wore diamond jewelry that contained only white to clear diamonds. Merchants were allowed to wear yellow diamond necklaces and yellow diamond rings. And the lowest class could only wear diamond jewelry which used gray or black diamonds.

Diamond jewelry did not become popular in the West until the Middle Ages, when reliable trade routes could finally guarantee a regular supply. Clear diamonds were favored, and diamond necklaces and diamond rings were worn by the rich and by royalty. Today, diamonds are not reserved for priests or royalty; they can belong to anyone. They are appropriate to celebrate the invincible bonds an engaged couple will enter into when married. And, especially in the month of April, diamond jewelry is appropriate to celebrate the invincible bonds with any special loved one born in the month of April.

Diamond Jewelry Showcase

Anniversary Band Ten Diamonds Channel Set
Aprils Birthstone: The Diamond Anniversary-Band-Ten-Diamonds-Channel-Set-96

14KT Yellow Earring Huggie with Diamonds
Aprils Birthstone: The Diamond 14KT-Yellow-Earring-Huggie-Diamonds-30

14KT Yellow Bangle with Diamonds
Aprils Birthstone: The Diamond 14KT-Yellow-Bangle-Diamonds-14

Destiny Knot Diamond Pendant
Aprils Birthstone: The Diamond Destiny-Knot-Diamond-Pendant-74

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