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Alexandrite is Also June's Birthstone

Along with the pearl, alexandrite is June's birthstone. It is a unique gem among birthstones. The stone's color appears to change color when viewed in daylight or in artificial light. This occurs because, in the gem's natural creation, aluminum in the alexandrite combines with iron, titanium, and chromium. This combination absorbs a narrow wavelength of light and causes the eye to think the gem has changed colors under different light sources. The rarer, and more valuable light variation occurs as green in the day and red at night. Less rare variations include a range of yellow to pink in the daylight and a richer red under incandescent light.

Alexandrite was first discovered in 1830, in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Legend states that alexandrite got its name from Alexander II, because the gem was discovered on his birthday. The Ural Mountains were mined of as much alexandrite as possible and alexandrite jewelry of all kinds including alexandrite necklaces, alexandrite rings, and alexandrite earrings were worn by Russia's upper classes.

Stop in our store to peruse our alexandrite collections and witness the dramatic color changes of this gem for yourself. Discover why this gorgeous and unique stone was admired by Russia's rich and royal, and perhaps go home with a piece of alexandrite jewelry for yourself or someone special.

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