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The History of the Pearl, June's Birthstone

Champagne & Chocolate Pearl Drops
Champagne & Chocolate
Pearl Drops
Pearl, June's birthstone, has been admired and sought after for centuries. For most of the pearl's history, they were acquired through pearl hunting. In the last hundred years an alternative has become available, pearl farming.

Pearls are created within mollusks as a form of protection against an irritant. Pearl hunting was first recorded in the 1500s. Spanish conquistadors discovered beds of mollusks north of the Venezuelan coast. Margarita pearls, a yellow pearl which can not be found now because the mollusk that creates it is extinct, were found here. Jewelry using margarita pearls such as pearl necklaces, pearl rings, and pearl earrings, were worn by the royal and rich in Spain. Although inefficient and expensive, pearl hunting was the only way to procure pearls until the start of the twentieth century when pearl farming became possible.

Most new pearls now are cultured pearls, meaning they come from farms. Humans introduce irritants to the mollusks and then extract the pearl later. This method is less costly than pearl hunting and protects pearl producing mollusks from becoming extinct.

Pearl Jewelry Showcase

Pearl Pendant
The History of the Pearl, Junes Birthstone Pearl-Pendant-83

Pearl Earrings
The History of the Pearl, Junes Birthstone Pearl-Earrings-56

Pearls Round-Up
The History of the Pearl, Junes Birthstone Pearls-Round-Up-38

Champagne and Chocolate Pearl Drops
The History of the Pearl, Junes Birthstone Champagne-and-Chocolate-Pearl-Drop-Earrings-78

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