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Ruby is the Birthstone for July

Ruby is the Birthstone for July Sterling Silver Rose Ring set with Ruby
Sterling Silver Rose Ring set with Ruby
For centuries people have worn ruby necklaces, ruby rings, and ruby earrings, displaying the fiery red hue that give the ruby its name. Along with the gem's deep red color, colors such as orange and purple can occur as secondary hues.

Since flaws in rubies occur naturally, a number of treatments have become accepted and commonplace when preparing rubies for purchase. Heating the ruby will remove blemishes and accentuate the ruby's red color. This treatment will also accentuate any asterism in the ruby. Asterisms are star-like designs that are visible when the ruby is moved through a single light source. Both of these effects increase value. If the ruby contains cracks or fissures, the ruby is heated and melted glass is used to fill in the cracks.

Because the ruby is the birthstone for July, ruby jewelry is appropriate for anyone with a July birthday. But, just as it has been for centuries, the fiery and gorgeous red of ruby jewelry is the perfect gift for any loved at any time of the year.

Ruby Jewelry

Sterling Silver Rose Stud Earrings set with Ruby
Ruby is the Birthstone for July Sterling-Silver-Rose-Stud-Earrings-set-with-Ruby-58

Sterling Silver Rose Necklace set with Ruby
Ruby is the Birthstone for July Sterling-Silver-Rose-Necklace-set-with-Ruby-92

Sterling Silver Rose Necklace set with Ruby
Ruby is the Birthstone for July Sterling-Silver-Rose-Necklace-set-with-Ruby-2-32

Heart Shaped Pendant with a Heart Shaped Created Ruby
Ruby is the Birthstone for July Heart-Shaped-Pendant-with-a-Heart-Shaped-Created-Ruby-88

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