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Opal is October's Birthstone

Opal, October's birthstone, contains a unique beauty because of its play of colors, or where a number of different colors flash from the opal as the gem is passed through light. This play of color is due to water inside the stone. This play of color differs from stone to stone and is caused by various impurities. Miniscule gas bubbles of cause some opals to appear pearlish white. Other opals appear as red and yellow because of iron oxide. And organic carbon causes black opals to flash red and blue.

Opal's play of colors has inspired people for thousands of years to don opal jewelry. The Ancient Romans wore opal rings, especially in times of hardship, because they believed opals symbolized hope. Later, in Medieval Times, people wore opal necklaces to ensure a healthy heart. Queen Elizabeth II loved the way opal jewelry looked. She donned opal necklaces and regularly gave opal earrings and opal pendants to family members and royal subjects.

Today we know that opal jewelry does not have any special powers, such as bringing hope or helping one's heart. But, just as Queen Elizabeth II did, we can love opal jewelry for its stunning and unique beauty. Stop in our store and we can help you find the opal jewelry that will make you or a loved one feel like royalty.

Opal Jewelry

14KY Small Simple Sweep Pink Opal
Opal is Octobers Birthstone 14KY-Small-Simple-Sweep-Pink-Opal-85

Sterling Silver Small Simple Sweep Pink Opal
Opal is Octobers Birthstone Sterling-Silver-Small-Simple-Sweep-Pink-Opal-64

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