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Turquoise, The Captivating Birthstone of December

Turquoise, The Captivating Birthstone of December
Turquoise and Pearl Drops
One of the most popular stones in jewelry, and identified for its earthy, historical quality is that of turquoise. A versatile stone that go from hippie chic to fierce couture, turquoise is a stunning shade of blue gemstone that is associated frequently with Native American, Aztec, Persian, and Meospotamian cultures, although is as far reaching as China (during the Shang Dyntasty), Japan in the 18th century, and Afghanistan.

The name "turquoise" comes from the French "pierre turquoise" which means "Turkish stone," since that was what many thought it originated from when introduced to Europe, even though much of it was mined in Persia.

Thought to be sacred and valuable to the Egyptians, it was discovered in excavated tombs with artifacts decorated with turquoise. The burial mask of the pharaoh, King Tut, featured turquoise. When Queer Zer's tomb was explored, adornments such as gold and turquoise bracelets, were found on the mummy's wrists. This may have been due to popular thought that turquoise would shield them in the afterlife from illness and disease.

One of the few nontransparent popular minerals, turquoise may be found in light near-green to bluer greens, sky blues, and dark blues and more yellowish green, however most imagine turquoise in its classic self-identifying color we just call 'turquoise'.

Not very hard a stone, turquoise can be seen in large chunky jewelry statement pieces or delicate items.

Turquoise Jewelry Showcase

Turquoise Lentil with Orbit Earring
Turquoise, The Captivating Birthstone of December Turquoise-Lentil-with-Orbit-Earring-43

Tiny Turquoise Drops
Turquoise, The Captivating Birthstone of December Tiny-Turquoise-Drops-46

Turquoise Hoops
Turquoise, The Captivating Birthstone of December Turquoise-Hoops-4

Framed Turquoise Nugget Drop Earring
Turquoise, The Captivating Birthstone of December Framed-Turquoise-Nugget-Drop-Earring-69

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