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PANDORA Jewelry: Telling Your Story Beautifully

PANDORA Jewelry: Telling Your Story Beautifully PandoraBracelet-58PANDORA is one of those iconic jewelry brands that bring to mind a specific product – their unique, personalized charm bracelets. In 1982, Per and Winnie Enevoldsen opened a small jewelry shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the following years, the company rapidly grew to serve an international customer base, and in 2000 they introduced the world to their renowned charm bracelets. PANDORA products are available for purchase in over 80 countries on six continents, with the mission to provide women around the world with hand finished jewelry pieces of impeccable quality that allow them to express their beautiful individuality. They know each wearer of their jewelry has a one of a kind story that makes her who she is, much like PANDORA has its own special story.

PANDORA Jewelry: Telling Your Story Beautifully PandoraRings-86Though PANDORA is most well known for their bracelets and charms, they also produce necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings. All of these pieces come in gold and silver, with the additional leather option for the necklaces, and leather and fabric options in the bracelets. Base bracelets can be a bangle or chain, and each is completely blank and ready to be customized by the customer. The necklaces can be bought with or without a pendant, and, like the bracelets, the necklaces without pendants are a clean slate ready to be personalized by the wearer. Earrings can be bought with or without stones, or you can buy a plain base earring and design your own using the PANDORA pieces. Likewise, rings come with or without stones, and the stones come in a vast array of colors.

PANDORA Jewelry: Telling Your Story Beautifully PandoraBead-37There are countless PANDORA charms, and while that may seem overwhelming at first, they can be easily navigated. They are sorted into various collections that cycle, eventually getting retired. If you didn't quite get to buy the piece you wanted before it got retired, retired pieces are still able to be purchased as long as stores still have them in stock. Their collections oftentimes follow seasonal themes such as autumn and winter or convening with major holidays like Christmas or Valentine's Day. They also have collections that embody iconic parts of modern culture, like Disney or professional sports teams. Sometimes a collection is based upon a specific metal, for instance, rose gold. Charms can come in gold, silver, glass, enamel, or wood. All of their charms focus on capturing specific, meaningful moments that can be put together like words. The words go on a chain like a sentence, and the sentences tell the story of their wearer.

PANDORA Jewelry: Telling Your Story Beautifully PandoraBead2-32At John S Cryan Jewelers, we are proud to provide the tools for women to write their story using PANDORA jewelry. From the simple, elegant bangle bracelets and necklace chains to the glittering, unforgettable pendants, earrings, and rings, we encourage you to come in and choose the building blocks of the piece you will create. Browse our hundreds of 10K gold, 14K gold, sterling silver, and gold filled charms to discover the perfect embellishments to add your personality and flair to fashion an item of jewelry that speaks to you and all of those around you.

Don't know where to start? Ask one of our highly experienced staff members to show you what we have to offer. With many years of experience, we love to share our knowledge with you to the best of our ability. So, fear not! We will work together to make the perfect, stunning piece of jewelry for you or your loved one. And, in the end, the PANDORA jewelry line is so classic, sophisticated, and timeless that it is impossible to create something that is not absolutely beautiful.

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