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Rembrandt Charms: Jewelry that Tells a Story

Rembrandt Charms: Jewelry that Tells a Story  Rembrandt1-30Charm jewelry is a beautiful way to commemorate the important moments in your life, such as marriage, children, and travel. Rembrandt Charms is the world's largest charm manufacturer, with over 40 years experience in charms and charm bracelets. Their creations range from traditional charms to highly personalized pieces like photo charms and lockets. No matter what story you want to tell with your jewelry, Rembrandt has something to fit your unique style.

Rembrandt Products

Rembrandt Charms: Jewelry that Tells a Story  Rembrandt2-51Rembrandt offers many types and styles of charms in sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow gold, and 14k yellow and white gold. They have charms representing friendship, love and marriages, as well as charms specifically designed for moms and babies. In addition, they make charms to represent travel all over the world, and charms to signify passions, art forms, and hobbies - everything from ballet to food! There are plenty more charms available, and there are also items you can personalize like lockets, initial and name necklaces, and pieces featuring birthstones.

Why Choose Charms?

Rembrandt Charms: Jewelry that Tells a Story  Rembrandt3-96A charm bracelet can be a wonderful heirloom or gift among family members. A young child who is given a special charm bracelet can build onto it for years to come, whenever they pass an important milestone in life. Rembrandt offers memorable gift ideas for graduation, a new baby, or a religious occasion. In addition, their photo necklaces, dog tags, and engravable discs are great for birthdays, weddings, and more. If you are looking for personalized jewelry of the highest quality, Rembrandt is the largest and most popular company in the world. This family-owned business is dedicated to design, making even the most fun charms look sophisticated and elegant.

Finding Rembrandt Near You

Rembrandt Charms: Jewelry that Tells a Story  Rembrandt4-0If you're looking for a large selection of customized jewelry in Bucks County, John S. Cryan Jewelers is a great location for Rembrandt Charms. This Southampton, PA jeweler dates back to 1944, and is in its third generation of family ownership. John S. Cryan III carries a long list of titles and certifications in jewelry sales and gemology, and his staff can help you find charms in a variety of metals. The store offers sterling, gold-filled, and both 10 and 14k gold charms in a variety of styles, in addition to Rembrandt's various other products.

Charms are one of the most unique and individual types of jewelry you can wear, and they are guaranteed to capture memories. If you're looking for one of the best selections of Rembrandt products in the greater Philadelphia area, visit John S. Cryan today.

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