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Herco Gold Jewelry

Gold is one of the most valuable substances on earth, in part, because of its gorgeous look and color. However, it is also one of the softest substances on earth and, therefore, creating jewelery from it becomes problematic quickly. In order to remedy this, for centuries jewelers have been mixing metal alloys into the gold to make it stronger before shaping it into jewelry. The purity measurements for a piece of jewelry were then created from this. Pure gold, with no metal alloy addition, is 24K. There is 18K, which is 18 parts gold to 6 parts alloy, and 14K, which is 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy.

Because it contains more gold, 18K jewelry is more valuable than 14K jewelry. However, because it contains more gold, 18K jewelry is more prone to wear and tear and is recommended to be worn on occasion. Because 14K jewelry contains less gold and more alloy, and therefore is more durable, it can be worn more often. Along with the purity, the alloys used can determine if a piece of jewelry will be considered yellow gold or white gold. There is no difference in value between yellow gold and white gold.

No matter which kind of jewelry fits you best, here at John S. Cryan Jewelers, our Herco collection contains a vast and varied amount of 18K and 14K yellow and white gold pieces to choose from. There is the simple and clean beauty of the 14K yellow and white gold bangles with single diamond:
Herco Gold Jewelry Herco Gold Jewelry

And there is the more innovative 14K Yellow Hammered Cuff:
Herco Gold Jewelry

We also carry gorgeous earrings like 18K Yellow or White Earring Hoops:
Herco Gold Jewelry Herco Gold Jewelry

and stunning pendants, like the 18K Yellow Gold Pink Amethyst pendant:
Herco Gold Jewelry

and the 18K White Pendant Mounting:
Herco Gold Jewelry

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