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Sterling Silver Jewelry

Like gold, silver has been used for jewelry for thousands of years. And like gold, silver in its pure form is too soft to create jewelry and must be mixed with metal alloys. This mixture is called sterling silver. The standard combination is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent alloy.

One of the reasons that sterling silver jewelry has been popular for so long is that the right pieces can accentuate your individuality. We carry unique pieces from Nicole Barr, such as the Sterling Silver Rose Stud Earrings
Sterling Silver Jewelry

and the Sterling Silver Dogwood Brooch.
Sterling Silver Jewelry

And the sterling silver pendants from Berco Jewelry range from the timeless elegance of the Sterling Silver Pearl Pendant
Sterling Silver Jewelry

to the heartwarming Silver Family Pendant.
Sterling Silver Jewelry

Once you've decided on the sterling silver jewelry which fits you just right, your new pieces need to be cared for. Wear your sterling silver jewelry often, as the natural oils in your hands help protect the pieces. But make sure you take off the jewelry during any manual tasks such as house cleaning or yard work to prevent your jewelry from being scratched. When you put your sterling silver jewelry away for the night, store each piece separately with its own anti-tarnish strip. If you find that your sterling silver jewelry has scratched, you may be able to remove it using a special polish and cloth. If you can not, bring it in so that our experts can restore the piece.

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