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Wedding Rings from Whitehouse Brothers

John S. Cryan Jewelers is proud to carry the luxurious brand of wedding jewelry from Whitehouse Brothers. See how much artisan craftsmanship goes into every piece, ready to adorn you or your loved one.

Die-Struck Manufacturing Process

Wedding Rings from Whitehouse Brothers Most modern jewelers use a casting process to create engagement and wedding rings. At Whitehouse Brothers, every piece is created using a die struck manufacturing product. This creates a finished product far superior to that of a ring that is cast.

Every Whitehouse Brothers ring begins as raw material. Your choice of platinum, gold or palladium is melted, forming an ingot. This ingot is then rolled or drawn into sheets or wire that will be used in the handcrafting of your unique engagement or wedding ring.
These basic materials of wire and sheet become the first part of the die struck process itself. Under many tons of pressure, sheets of precious metal are forged into dies, shaping and forming unique, one-of-a-kind engagement rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry. The product that is produced by this Old World process is leagues above the industry standard of casting when the final piece is completed.

Because the metal is die struck under extreme pressure, the product created is 33% stronger and denser than jewelry that is manufactured through casting. The final result gives you the benefit of a cherished engagement or wedding ring that will last a lifetime, hold your valuable diamonds and gemstones securely, and even give your rings a high-shine luster that is simply unobtainable through other manufacturing methods.

Assembly & Setting

Wedding Rings from Whitehouse Brothers During hand assembly by Whitehouse Brothers master craftsmen, your ring truly begins to take form. Using saw blades as small as a single human hair, filigree details are delicately pierced by hand. To give your engagement ring or wedding band the finest finish both inside and out, each and every component of your ring is polished individually.

Continuing to work by hand, master Whitehouse Brothers jewelers use special welding and soldering techniques to combine many parts, forming the bare bones shape of your ring. Finally, with assembly of this blank form complete, Whitehouse Brothers artisans sand and polish each ring to give it the finest possible finish.

It is at this point that the palette or blank slate has been completed upon which diamond setters and engravers create their masterpieces of wearable art. The fine setting of diamonds and gemstones is one of Whitehouse Brothers' specialties. Using delicate cutting tools, master jewelers carefully and expertly carve the precious metal to form precise settings for each stone. A special technique known as "bright cutting" is used to create a mirror-like finish around each stone setting, reflecting the light and enhancing the beauty of your ring's diamonds and gemstones.

Engraving & Finishing

Wedding Rings from Whitehouse Brothers Vintage rings typically feature intricate engraved designs, and the engagement rings and wedding bands handcrafted by Whitehouse Brothers are no exception. Master engravers add finishing details to each and every ring by hand. By expertly engraving embellishments on each ring using years of experience and an eye for artistic detail, Whitehouse Brothers engravers make each ring's composition complete by tying together each design component, including shape, piercing, filigree and setting. It is this masterful harmonizing of elements that makes your unique ring a true work of beauty and artistic expression.

When all other details have been completed beginning with raw materials and finishing with expert engravings, a final polish is applied as a last detail to give each and every Whitehouse Brothers ring a glowing, lustrous sheen that can only be created by the expert hands of craftsmen and 117 years of fine jewelry manufacturing.

Come into John S. Cryan Jewelers today to see this gorgeous line.

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