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Amethyst is February's Sparkling Purple Birthstone

Amethyst is a variety of quartz. The stone appears in a range of purple hues, from a faint violet to a deep royal purple. Secondary hues may include reds and blues. Because of these rich colors, for centuries European royalty had donned amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst is Februarys Sparkling Purple Birthstone These gorgeous purple hues are caused by iron impurities and irridation. The ideal grade of amethyst is Deep Siberian, which appears as a mix of purple, blue, and red. Amethyst is mined in several places, including Brazil, Russia, and in several U.S. states, including Arizona and Pennsylvania, among many others.

Amethyst is Februarys Sparkling Purple Birthstone Amethyst has always been associated with keeping a level head. Ancient Greeks and Romans studded their wine chalices with amethyst and wore amethyst necklaces while drinking, believing the wine then couldn't cause intoxication. Medieval soldiers carried amethyst stones with them, believing the stone would help them keep their reason and wits about them while engaged in the chaos of battle. Even cardinals wore amethyst rings, believing that the amethyst jewelry shielded the cardinals from mystical intoxication.

Amethyst has attracted people for centuries due to its regal beauty and mythological powers. Come into our shop to see this magnificent stone for yourself and peruse our collection of amethyst jewelry.

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