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Caravelle Watches

An affordable designer brand, Caravelle Watches, are designed by Bulova.

Bulova is a famous and long-established watch designer located in New York City. Bulova has been making precise, striking timepieces since the early twentieth century. They have provided watches for US Presidents and NASA astronauts on their missions. Their beautiful, elegant, bold style has made them a leader among watchmakers for over a century.

Caravelle watches feature designs for men and ladies that include elegant styles with crystals, sporty styles with leather bands, chronographic watches and automatic watches.

Caravelle Watches Caravelle's chronographic designs feature smaller subdials that are embedded in the watch face that show a second and different measurement of time. For example, the Women's 43L190 Chronograph Watch features a subdial on the left side for the stopwatch minutes, a subdial on the bottom for stopwatch seconds and a subdial on the right for stopwatch hours. The elapsed time measurement on Caravelle watches can record for several hours.

Caravelle Watches The automatic watches require no battery and are powered by the wearer's own movement. An example is the Men's 43A123 Automatic Watch. This watch also features a skeleton dial that makes the inner gears and workings of the watch visible.

Caravelle Watches Caravelle Watches Caravelle watches are clean, bright and modern in design. They come in a variety of colors and styles. The elegant Women's 43L165 Watch is silver-tone stainless steel, but has a mother-of-pearl dial and ninety-six crystals set around the watch face in two rows. In contrast to this, is the Women's 45M109 Watch with a black face with clear gold-tone numbers with a simple black ceramic crown and band.

Caravelle Watches Caravelle Watches Often the stainless steel watches have striking bright-colored faces like the Women's 44L174 Watch with a subtle plum-purple flower pattern on the watch face. The purple is surrounded by a ring of crystals set in gold-tone stainless steel. The Men's 45A106 Chronograph Watch has a blue face surrounded by black stainless steel with a black band.

Caravelle Watches Caravelle Watches Caravelle's watches are stylish, accurate and modern and can range from sleek casual to fancy dress in design. They can feature analogue and digital time displays like the Men's 45B136 Watch with its gunmetal ion-plated finish, or have no numbers on the watch face, like the gold-tone a href="/jewelry/index.html?sku=44L186&pcn=Caravelle Watches&pid=11&sat=1">Women's 44L186 Watch with its blue crystal face.

Caravelle Watches offer a variety of designs so that everyone can wear a style that they love. John S. Cryan Jewelers is a third-generation, family-owned business located in Southhampton, PA, and we are proud to offer a wide variety of Caravelle watches designed by Bulova. Visit John S. Cyan Jewelers to find the Caravelle design that compliments your style.

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