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July's Birthstone is the Fiery Red Ruby

Julys Birthstone is the Fiery Red Ruby July's birthstone is the ruby. Its name is taken from the Latin word “ruber”, or red, an apt observation of this gorgeous and lush red gem. The most valuable rubies the purest red possible, what the Victorian miner William Fernie described as “a pure deep, rich red, without any admixture of blue or yellow”.

The striking reds of the ruby have always been associated with power. In Ancient Egypt, the ruby was associated with the most powerful goddess in Lower Egypt, the goddess of war. Egyptian royalty wore ruby necklaces and ruby rings in an attempt to invoke the goddess' power. In Victorian England, the rich regularly wore ruby necklaces and ruby earrings as a sign of social status.

Julys Birthstone is the Fiery Red Ruby Although polished rubies denote power, rough rubies contain many flaws, including blemishes and cracks. Over time, several treatments have been perfected to remedy these flaws and increase the ruby's allure and value. To diminish blemishes, the gem is heated. This heating also accentuates the gem's primary hue. As for cracks in the ruby, the most common treatment is to heat it and then fill the cracks with melted glass.

Just as it has been for centuries, ruby jewelry is sought after for the ruby's rich and unique beauty, its majestic shades of dark red. Stop in to peruse our collection of ruby jewelry to witness the breathtaking beauty of the ruby; a beauty that has attracted so many for centuries.

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