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Sapphires for September!

This blue gemstone is known as the hardest stone on earth; that is after the diamond. The more commonly exhibited and sold sapphires are blue in color. However, the sapphire birthstone also appears in darker shades, some are almost purple. Sapphires also come in pink, gold, orange and white.

Truthfulness, sincerity and fidelity are a few of the qualities that are related to the sapphire. This is the traditional birthstone for September and the myths, legends, folklore and history of this blue gemstone have been passed on from generation to generation throughout different civilizations. The sapphire is one of the four gemstones which include emeralds, rubies and diamonds. The word sapphire comes from the Greek word “sappheiros”, which means "precious stone".

To this day this blue gemstone is one of the earliest known gems. The sapphire is found in torrents and riverbeds. The force of the torrent water loosens the sapphire from its environment. Sapphires of the finest quality are a deep blue color, very much like the color of a velvety blue, dark colored Pansy. These dark blue sapphires are the most valuable of all.

This blue gemstone is the birthstone for September and it has been one of the most venerated of all in many countries of the world. The sapphire is consecrated to several deities and gods in the East. Buddhists believe that this blue gemstone is able to produce a desire to pray. It is said that the sapphire will bring happiness and peace, as long as the person who wears it remains moral. It is also regarded as the stone of stones, bringing spiritual light to its wearer.

Sometimes cloudy sapphires are found. This is due to an irregularity in their composition, which displays six light rays that run from the top of the stone. These sapphires are known as Asteria or star sapphires. Star sapphires were believed to provide very powerful protection against witchcraft and bring good fortune.

They were also used to secure favors. Ancient history states that the blue gemstone star sapphire was an important love charm. The Emperor Charlemagne’s wife is supposed to have been in possession of an extremely powerful charm that’s sole purpose was to preserve the Emperor’s love for her. This talisman consisted of a portion of the Holy Cross and two rough sapphires.

The love charm was made by one of the Magi from the train of the Emperor. It is believed that this charm worked extremely well because his love for his wife endured, even after she had died.

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