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Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November

Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November The name topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word for “fire” and the Hebrew word for “orange fruit.” This is a fitting name when one considers the range of rich oranges and brilliant yellows topaz creates.

This range of color comes from the impurities within the topaz. Pure topaz is actually colorless. Topaz is also an extremely hard mineral, which is one of the reasons it is associated today with loyalty and strong friendship.

Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November Orange topaz, also called “precious topaz”, in its gorgeous oranges which may even shade into the golden, is the traditional color for the November birthstone. Before being associated with friendship, topaz was associated with wisdom. In the Middle Ages it was common for royalty to be given topaz rings and topaz pendants to aid the royalty in making important political decisions.

Another type of topaz, Imperial topaz, obtained its name from Russian Czarinas who fancied topaz pendants and topaz rings. Imperial topaz occurs in shades that can range from golden to orange and pink. Naturally occurring pink imperial topaz is the most valued because it is the rarest.

Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November Whether as a gift for a good friend or for yourself, consider topaz pendants or topaz rings this month. Whether the traditional precious topaz, or the imperial, we can help you choose the topaz jewelry that's just right.

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