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October's Opal is Surrounded by Myth

Octobers Opal is Surrounded by Myth Opal is October's birthstone. As October's birthstone, all types of opal jewelry, anything from opal earrings to opal rings to opal necklaces, are wonderful and thoughtful gifts for anyone with an October birthday or any mother-to-be expecting in October. Opal's inclusion as a birthstone is no doubt due to the stone's unique play of color, a striking feature in which the stone appears as multiple color combinations, such as black, red, and green or white and blue. Before becoming a birthstone, this play of color inspired the opal's use in various ancient myths around the world.

Octobers Opal is Surrounded by Myth In the myths of Ancient Greece, Zeus had to fight Cronus and the Titans before he could rule Mount Olympus. The battle was long and hard fought. So much so that when Zeus and his siblings finally won, he cried tears of joy. As the sunlight passes through his tears they changed colors and become opals.

Octobers Opal is Surrounded by Myth And in the Far East, a story is told about a gorgeous and stunning mortal woman who is being pursued by three different gods. A fourth god takes pity on her and turns her into mist. Once the pursuing gods have realized this, they infuse their core colors into the mist: Brahma infuses blue, Vishnu infuses gold, and Shiva infuses red. In order to reflect the colors of all three of the gods, the woman, who is now mist, is transformed into a gorgeous gem which would later be named the opal.

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