Understanding and Enjoying Cultured Pearls

A Glossary of Professional Terms

Cultured pearls are a joy to own and wear. Beautiful and versatile, they go as well with a simple black dress as they do with jeans and a blazer. Whether you are planning to purchase a strand of pearls as a gift or as an important piece of jewelry for yourself, it is a good idea to understand how cultured (and natural) pearls are evaluated. Click here for a glossary of terms the professionals use to determine pearl’s value.

Caring for Your Cultured Pearls

Popular Pearl Choices & Building a Pearl Wardrobe

It is better to wear your pearls often than it is to store them in a dry place like a safety deposit box where they can lose their luster. So don’t lock them away. Wear your pearls and enjoy them! Just bring them in periodically for restringing.

Check out a description of the most popular pearl styles and how to build you own pearl wardrobe!

Pearl Particulars

How about a quick quiz for pearl lovers?
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