Bark Beads

Bark BeadsBark Beads is the newest line of sterling silver charm beads for dog lovers. These beads are proudly cast and hand-finished right here in the U.S.A to ensure that only the highest quality pieces are produced. Bark Beads contains charms for over 40 breeds of dogs. Each charm is designed to seamlessly fit onto any bracelet by Pandora and other jewelry manufacturers.

Bark Beads’ designers are some of the most skilled jewelry artisans in the industry. Their outstanding workmanship, meticulous designs, and attention to detail are clearly evident in the each Bark Beads charm.

To support Bark Beads’ animal rescue efforts, we at John S Cryan Jewelers will be donating $5 to the Bucks SPCA for every bead sold. Help support this great cause and give these abandoned dogs a second chance. Your purchase helps provide food and a warm place to sleep for these lovely animals. Not only can you enjoy celebrating your dog's unconditional love with Bark Beads, but also know that you've helped rescue animals in need.

At John S Cryan Jewelers, we are pleased to bring you a large selection of Bark Beads charms. Your dog is a valued family member, and therefore deserves a charm on your bracelet alongside the charms for all of the other people and events you hold close to your heart. And you will have the added bonus of knowing that charm you bought will help give a dog a chance at a new life.
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