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Vintage styles are one of the most beautiful and unique choices for engagement and wedding rings today. As filigree, antique-style settings and bands embellished with detailed engraved designs gaining in popular in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to find that perfect ring you desire with the heirloom quality of a true vintage piece.
With nearly 120 years' experience creating captivating designs of the best possible quality, Whitehouse Brothers offers a line of enchanting engagement rings and wedding bands with the vintage look and feel that is so rarely found in jewelry today.Platinum is the rarest and therefore most precious of all the precious metals. Platinum's lustrous sheen gives pieces made from this material an unparalleled beauty, while its durability make it an ideal choice for heirloom quality engagement and wedding rings that can be passed down from generation to generation. Whitehouse Brothers has been working with this rare and precious metal for more than a century, carefully perfecting a process through which each and every ring is lovingly handcrafted even today.

When you're ready to select the perfect Whitehouse Brothers wedding band or engagement ring for you and the special person with whom you've chosen to share your life, the next step is selecting a local retailer that you can trust to help you make your dream rings into a reality.

As a part of the Southampton, PA business community for over 70 years, John S. Cryan Jewelers is an ideal choice for your Whitehouse Brothers purchase. Through 3 generations of jewelers, John S. Cryan has upheld integrity in business practices, offered top-quality jewelry in a variety of styles, brands and collections, and is your choice for a jewelry with dependability, superior knowledge and service that is always friendly and personal.
John S. Cryan, Gemological Institute of America Certified Gemologist, and his staff, can help you make a confident and knowledgeable choice as you select your setting and your center stone. As a member of the American Gemological Society and the Independent Jewelers Organization, John S. Cryan Jewelers will walk you through every step of the ring and stone selection process, from choosing your favorite Whitehouse Brothers design to sizing your finished ring and even adding a personalized engraving that you will cherish for generations to come.

Explore the manufacturing process of Whitehouse Brothers wedding rings here.
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