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"By far my jeweler of choice."

By far my jeweler of choice. Joan-Cannon-johnscryanjewelers1-97
Written by: Joan Cannon
Monday, February 28, 2011
John S. Cryan Jewelers is by far my jeweler of choice and I would highly recommend they become your family jeweler too. My husband and I have bought jewelry all over the world from Spain, Italy, Asia, the Caribbean and more, before we learned about John S. Cryan Jewelry. I have to say that no store that we have purchased jewelry from has ever matched the old world craftsmanship and depth of knowledge that we get from John S. Cryan Jewelers.

It seems the key difference is because John S. Cryan Jeweler is a family run business that has been passed down from generation to generation deeply rooted in an era were integrity and quality truth mattered. When I got the tour of Cryan’s Store I was blown away by the meticulous repair process they had right in their own store. Whereas many jewelry stores just skip repairs so you don’t really know what kind of quality and care went behind repairing your important family heirloom pieces.

I have been to many jewelry stores where I was unsure of the quality of the stores but with John S. Cryan Jewelers I have the utmost confidence, trust and peace of mind of the quality any value they offer with their jewelry selected. I know you will too, so check them out in Southampton, PA.

Joan Cannon

Buckingham, PA

POSTED: 02/28/2011 12:34:41 PM
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