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"I Have Known John Cryan Jewelers Since 1978"

I Have Known John Cryan Jewelers Since 1978 Helene-98
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Thursday, June 11, 2015
I have known John Cryan Jewelers since 1978. John is very friendly and has great respect for all his customers. He is a great listener! He can put together items you thought couldn't be done. He is a true artist. I have bought many items from John. My friends and children have and do go see John. He remembers your name and always greets you saying, "Hello, Helen, how are you today? How is so and so?" His jewels are the best quality and I do truly trust him with any type of jewelry. His skill is exceptional. I hope his son can continue in his father's footsteps just like John did with his dad. He always knows how to make you feel beautiful. He always has so much to offer.

I am truly blessed to have such an inspiring jeweler for 38 years. All of the people that work with John know what it takes to be an excellent jeweler. They are very honored to be in his presence. There is always something new to learn and do. Never a dull moment at work! I give him a 10! Thank you.

Helen, HF, Southampton, PA

POSTED: 06/11/2015 11:38:07 AM
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