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4.88 out of 5

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"This is what service should be!"

Written by: Mike Quaranto
Friday, December 08, 2017
I have been shopping at Cryan jewelers for about 5 years now. After stopping in there one holiday to buy Pandora jewelry, I was struck by the friendly and knowledgeable service. My thought was, everything in this place is quality, including the service.

So a couple of years ago, when the diamond on my wife's engagement ring came loose, I didn't hesitate to take it to Cryan. The ring was falling apart after the many years of wear and John did everything he could to repair it. When it became clear that it was beyond repair, John worked with my wife to find a suitable replacement and did a beautiful job moving the diamonds to a new setting. While my wife was at first upset that the old ring couldn't be repaired, she was thrilled with the new ring. And, she couldn't stop talking about how great Cryan was. That sealed the deal for me!

I have continued to shop there any time I'm looking for jewelry and they will always get my business. I would recommend them to anyone in need of jewelry and/or jewelry repair.

POSTED: 12/08/2017 10:51:41
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